Above and Beyond
Paintings and Photography

Emptiness and Substance, Marian Wijnvoord, 2023

White Clouds, Selma van Panhuis, 2023, Photo: Björn Siebert

Joakim Eskildsen, aus der Serie "Home Studies"

Bis zum 11. Februar präsentieren wir Werke zweier niederländischer Malerinnen und eines dänischen Fotokünstlers.


Paintings and Photography
16.12.2023 — 11.2.2024
Opening 16.12.2023 / 3 pm

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Selma van Panhuis
Selma van Panhuis (born 1980 in Winterswijk, Netherlands) studied Cultural Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and postgraduated in Painting at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. She currently lives and works in Leipzig.
Her work is characterised by a background in sculpture and an interest in minimalism and abstraction. She feels inspired by Cézanne: "The landscape," he said, "thinks itself in me, and I am its consciousness." "Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet."
Selma van Panhuis describes her working method as follows: "Above all, I started to paint more from a material perspective. Making the colour myself and preparing the canvas and support from the start with old recipes such as hide glue, gesso with plaster or chalk. By differentiating the structures, the colour always has a different effect and I can test the physicality of the material and make it tangible. It becomes more complex and appeals to several sensory qualities. But the colour itself is also very clear and direct, using pigment and a self-produced tempera emulsion; it doesn't have the smoothness of oil and can be seen almost immediately as pure colour."

Marian Wijnvoord
Born in 1966 in Westerschouwen, Netherlands. Marian Wijnvoord studied painting at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam. After teaching painting for several years in the United States at Alfred University, NY, she returned to Europe in 1997 and moved from Paris to Berlin, where she now lives and works.
Wijnvoord is a painter whose work comes close to a certain definition of painting itself: the illusion of space created on a flat surface. When we look at her work, we see brushstrokes - colour and nothing more. Yet we believe in the space within the painting. Contradictions guide us through her paintings: Figuration versus abstraction, the physicality of colour versus the transience of the image. The magic of her painting lies in the moments when the two worlds meet.
Wijnvoord has been exhibiting internationally for over 30 years. Her most recent exhibitions include solo shows at the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, and the National Centre for Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg. Recent artist residencies in Russia and Norway have taken her image-making to the north, most recently to a month-long residency above the Arctic Circle.

Joakim Eskildsen
Photographic artist and photographer, born 1971 in Copenhagen, where he was trained by the royal court photographer Rigmor Mydtskov. Eskildsen studied at Aalto University (formerly the University of Art and Design) in Helsinki, where he learnt the craft of bookmaking under Jyrki Parantainen and Pentti Sammallahti. Eskildsen has made a name for himself through his documentary approach and his ability to tell stories through images. His photographs often capture everyday life and the social realities of different cultures. He is known for his sensitive portrayal of people and places, often subtly addressing social and political issues.
The exhibition features photos from his "Home Studies" series, as well as a video (in English) about his work.